The Art of Choosing Love
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What does it look like to choose?

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we hear about choosing love, but what does that actually look like?

The Art of Choosing Love is a youtube series that follows the journey of adam roa as he leaves the only safe relationship he has ever known with the feminine to embark on a quest to find out what it means to be a conscious, empowered man in 2018.


What does it look like to sacrifice a healthy, loving, ten year relationship, not because anything was wrong, but simply because you were being called to something bigger than you?

What does it look like to own your creative power and claim the identity of a full time, world traveling artist?

we dive into these questions and so much more in the most authentic, raw, and vulnerable way that we know how: by using love as a compass and turning life into art.


We create dope, transformational content that enlightens, expands, and entertains with an intention of helping people understand how they are creating their reality and showing what it looks like to choose love over fear in real life situations.



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