the mission


There’s a different way of living.  We can all feel it.  It lies deep inside of us, a part of ourselves that has been locked away in our DNA and hidden behind the fears perpetuated by societal conditioning that tells us we aren’t enough.  That we must EARN our love.  That we must seek our happiness outside of ourselves.

But we know that’s not true.  When we close our eyes and take that deep breath, we remember.  We remember that the truth is that we are loved.  We are deeply held and cared for by a force that we tap into every single time we choose love.  In the moments when it feels like all is lost, we step in and choose the most loving path and in those moments we grow.  We expand.

But what does choosing love look like?  The songs and the poems tell us that love is the answer but what does that translate to in practice, in the day-to-day? We want to show you.  Not because we’ve got it all figured out, but because we don’t.  Because we are human beings just like you who are committed to being the best versions of ourselves and living the greatest lives we can imagine.  The only thing that separates any of us is our choice.

So that’s why we’re here.  That’s why I have walked away from a 9.5 year relationship with the love of my life.  To more deeply understand what it means to be human.  To more deeply understand YOU by more deeply understanding ME.  To learn all the ways in which we can play our way through life.  Singing instead of talking.  Dancing instead of walking.  And using love as our compass the entire way.  

Thank you for being a part of this movement.  Thank you for opening your heart and your mind to a new possibility of joy for all of us.  

We are excited to share the journey with you.  

Welcome to The Art Of Choosing Love.