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The Art Of Choosing Love is not simply a show.  It's not just an idea.  It's a movement.  It's a community.  It's a safe place for people to go to discuss what it truly means to choose love over fear as often as we can.  And that's why we decided it was time to congregate together and actually form a tangible place for these discussions to happen.  And since so many of you follow us on Facebook already, we decided to start there. 

The Art of Choosing Love” Free Facebook Group is now open and you’re invited to join us.

This is a safe space to feel, to be seen, to be heard and to be loved. To elevate one another and expand each other through honest, authentic vulnerable conversation.

This group is about our grown tribe supporting one another, recognizing how similar we all are, how much we can relate to one another so that we can develop actual authentic connection; and through that connection we can create a foundation for us to collectively shift.

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Adam, Ryan & Matthew

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